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The Unpardonable Sin

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Mar• 26•10

Over the years, I’ve gotten many questions about the unpardonable sin, and like most Christians, I have wrestled with this subject in my own studies. A question I recently was asked echoes the struggles and anxieties of many who wonder if they, too, could commit the unpardonable sin.

Question: I fear I may have committed the unpardonable sin of Matthew 12 in my thoughts. I try hard not to think blasphemous thoughts, but I can’t seem to fight them off. I just had the worst blasphemous thought, and I feel I have consciously sinned against the Holy Spirit. I feel like I’m going crazy trying to keep from thinking these thoughts, and I fear that I have gone to the point where I cannot be forgiven.

I have written a lengthy study on this topic, and you can read it on my Exchanged Life Discipleship blog by clicking here.

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  1. A J Hawke says:

    Hi Eddie,

    I went to your other blog and read your article.

    I left a comment. I found it very interesting and thought provoking.

    A J Hawke

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