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Book Review – Invisible by Lorena McCourtney

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Dec• 19•10

When I read Invisible, I wasn’t sure this was the type of book for me. Although I enjoy reading a wide range of genres, a book about a little old lady snooping around and trying to solve a crime didn’t sound overly exciting. But this book pleasantly surprised me.

The premise of the book is a little old lady, happy with her eventless humdrum existence, finds herself looking for answers when a tenant disappears without a trace. In a moment, the world around her no longer appeared as certain as it was a few days earlier. What does a vandalized graveyard, used car lot, deceased leukemia patient, and a missing friend have in common? Well, I’d tell you, but then it would ruin the book.

The character development of this book and the writing is excellent, entertaining, and kept my interest throughout. The first few chapters are enjoyable, but as a reader, I felt like the story had no real direction or purpose. That quickly changed around chapter three.

Invisible is filled with memorable characters, interesting plot twists, and a well crafted story. If this book has a flaw, it’s the ending. The climax of the story was good, but the conclusion felt too much like a summary. There was a lot of telling as the story wrapped up the loose ends. While this didn’t take away from the story, it did seem out of place. After the climax, a scene implied we weren’t quite to the climax yet, but when the book concluded, I realized the big scene earlier was the ending climax. If the story had wrapped up the loose ends without the ending build up, it would have been a smoother finish.

Even so, this book is well worth the read. The author did an excellent job avoiding the ‘sagging middle’. This story never let up, but kept the reader engaged and looking ahead until the final page. I highly recommend this book, and it’s good to see quality writing in Christian fiction.

On the Word Turnings scale of 10:

Readability and reader interest 9

Family Friendly 10

Plot 9

Satisfying ending 7

Overall: 8.8

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