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Book Release for ‘The Road to Deer Run’

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Mar• 08•11

‘The Road to Deer Run,’ is an Award-winning Christian Historical Romance by Elaine Cooper.

About “The Road to Deer Run”

The year is 1777 and the colonies of America are at war with England. In the midst of this fierce and painful conflict, Road to Deer Runtwo enemies—a wounded British soldier and a colonial farm woman—are brought together through circumstances that challenge their fortitude, their faith and their ability to forgive. In the struggle comes healing and love. But as their destinies become intertwined, so do the forces that oppose them.

“The Road to Deer Run” is available at: Amazon.com


Received Honorable Mention in the Romance category at the 2011 Los Angeles Book DIY Festival for titles published in 2010.

Winner of “Best Romantic Excerpt” in the Clash of the Titles contest, Feb 2011.


What Are Reviewers Saying about “The Road to Deer Run”?

“A heartwarming love story, sensitively written and a well-researched bit of American history. The book has a solid faith-based perspective that sets it apart.”

—    Jean LemMom, former Editor, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine


“A captivating tale of love, honor, redemption, and patriotism….Cooper breathes life into her characters and their world in an entertaining way with generous details and facts.”

—    Wanda Ventling, Editor in Chief, Life: Beautiful Magazine


“With subplots as appealing as the main story, the book is well researched, well written, and well worth the purchase price. Ready for the sequel.”

— Kirkus Discoveries Reviews

“The Road to Deer Run” is available at: Amazon.com

Author Biography

Elaine Marie Cooper grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the Midwest with her husband Steve, her three dogs and Elaine Cooperone huge cat. She has two married sons and triplet grandbabies, who are often referred to (by her) as “the most beautiful grandbabies in the world.” Elaine’s only daughter Bethany passed away in 2003 from a brain tumor.

A retired registered nurse, Elaine has been a magazine freelance writer for many years, and is a regular contributor to a blog on the Midwest called The Barn Door (www.thebarndoor.net) and a blog on Christian living called Reflections In Hindsight (ReflectionsInHindsight.wordpress.com) She is also the author of her debut novel called “The Road to Deer Run” and is currently writing the sequel.

Elaine Cooper can be reached on FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000997223171

or visit her website at:


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