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Gray Matter – By Dr. David Levy

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Mar• 04•11

I read a lot of books, but few actually leave me feeling inspired and glad I invested my time. This is one of those books. Gray MatterI wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but the deeper into the book I went, the better it became.


This book has a lot of testimonials. If you don’t like reading about faith and the spiritual lives of others, you may be bored. But then again, you might change your mind during the read.


Now that the long list of cons are out of the way, on to the things I liked about the book. First, I learned a good bit about the physical problems of the circulation around the brain. Levy wove much information into the book, and did it in a way to keep the reader from getting lost in the technical information.

What I liked best was Levy’s honesty. He showed his struggles to integrate his faith into his life. The wrestling that we all have when it comes to stepping out in faith was presented well in the book. Inner turmoil, the desire to be accepted, times of failure, and prompting of the Lord that guided him to success are all part of his journey.

Dr. David Levy shows how meeting the spiritual need of people plays a critical role in physical health, and his position as a doctor allows him a great opportunity to minister to the real needs of everyday people. If you know someone struggling with bitterness and unforgiveness, this book does a GREAT job showing how learning to forgive improved the health of some of the patients he encountered.

His story also convicts the reader. Seeing faith lived out in a tangible way shines light on the fact that our lives also provide an opportunity to be real, and to present an unpretentious faith to those we come in contact with in our lives and places of work.

If you read one book this year, this should be the book.

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Eddie Snipes

Author of I Called Him Dancer

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