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Handy Andy for Hier

Written By: Eddie Snipes - May• 12•11

We all know the economy is tuff. That’s why I’m cheap. Don’t hire no reglar duct tape ripper, go fore a real handyman. I might have a sixth grade edumacation, but I’m a graduate of the higher school of learning – the Universty of Hard Nocks.

Here is where I can save you more money than a used lottry ticket. You might not know what that means, but I thank you know what I’m a saying.

Why fork out a bunch of money for parts and con tractors. I can fix anything and can do it with what you got laying round the house. Take a look at some of my engineering masterfuls.



I don’t remember what the first picture was fer, but you can see the qualify of my craftsmanship. From a distance, you can’t even tell it’s coming out the wall.

And look at that second photo. Didn’t need no fancy tools or circuit brakers. I used what I found and by golly, it worked. Put up a sign warning folks not to touch the scissors for no extra charge.

Car customization and repair

car conversionCD dashmountseatbelt

tail pipewipers

If this don’t crank yer tractor, you ain’t got no diesel. You got one of them German importants. I’ll put you on the right side of the road. Or I can turn yore car into a mail truck by hooking up a steering wheel on the other side.

I can convert those walmart players into a car stareo. Broke wipe motor? Dragging tale pipe? No problem. I’ll fix you up without wasting money on parts.

Kitchen Repairs

coffee potladle

A styrofoam cup and a fork saves the day at the soup kitchen. Dinner is reddy to ladle.

How bout that coffee pot? It broke, but an old pare of shoes and iron saves the day.


cablestv cabinet

These custermers thought they needed new furniture. Nope. I used what they had laying around and saved them bookoodles of money.

Child Care

baby bottle

Got yore own arronds to run. No problem. I can rig up a feeding for the chillens and keep own working whilest you take care of bidness.

I’m always available, day or night. Just give ole handy Andy a call at BR549.

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