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Book launch for a friend – Linda Weaver Clarke

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Jun• 30•11

Celebrating Freedom and the Book Launch of Montezuma Intrigue


In celebration of our country’s “Freedom” and the Official Book Launch for Montezuma Intrigue, Linda Weaver Clarke is having a Book Give-Away lasting until July 7: Win a mystery/adventure novel with a touch of romance at http://lindaweaverclarke.blogspot.com.

Adventure…Suspense…Romance…Intrigue…Humor! The search for Montezuma’s treasure, mysterious events, family secrets, and a good-looking rogue!

When a leather parchment of Montezuma’s map is found in great-grandfather Evans’ old chest, April and the twins know this summer is going to be a memorable one. The girls want to search for it but their father is against it for some mysterious reason. With Julia’s help, she and the girls convince John to go on a treasure hunt. Is Montezuma’s treasure a legend or reality? Whatever the case, John insists on keeping their little treasure hunt a secret. If certain people find out about it, the family could be in danger.

But that’s not all! There will be more gifts for you! You may also be eligible to receive six free books as part of this contest: a fantasy by Serena Clarke, children’s books by Sherrill S. Cannon and Lorilyn Roberts, and much more.








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