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Penny Zeller’s New Book Release – Hailee

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Sep• 02•11

Penny Zeller is launching her book, Hailee. I have the privilege of hosting her on my blog today.

Penny, tell us a bit about your latest release. Hello, Eddie, thank you for having me as your guest. It’s great to be here!Hailee - By Penny Zeller Hailee is the third and final book in my Montana Skies Historical Romance trilogy. The blurb is as follows:

For years, orphan Hailee Annigan was just a ragamuffin in the Cincinnatistreets, stealing food to keep her two younger brothers fed. Her thievery landed her in a home for delinquent youngsters, where her life was changed, thanks to her teachers. Now, nineteen-year-old Hailee excitedly heads to Montanato be a teacher, yet she’s still plagued by her shameful past and the fear of never seeing her brothers again.

Based on his upbringing in high-society Boston, no one would have guessed that Nate Adams would attend seminary and become a church pastor in rugged Montana. Even now, Nate’s parents refuse to put aside their own plans for his future and accept his calling.

When their paths converge, an immediate attraction draws Hailee and Nate together, even as the pressures and demands of others pull them apart. Can the unlikely pair come to terms with their pasts and face the future together?

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

My passion is to write books that impact lives for Christ. For the Christian reader, they can expect to share in Hailee’s pain and sorrow, as well as the joy she experiences. They will watch as her faith wavers and her heart breaks at the losses she experiences in life. They will share with Nate as he struggles to release to the Lord burdens he was never meant to carry. My books are character-driven, and as such, throughout the book and with a variety of characters, readers will catch a glimpse of struggles with forgiveness, Salvation, rededication to Christ, and the hope of a new life.

Do you write only Christian historical romance or do you also write in other genres?

While my favorite genre to write is historical romance, I have also written a children’s fiction picture book and two nonfiction books.

Tell us something interesting about your writing.

Something interesting about my writing, let’s see… I am an edge-of-the-seat writer and I don’t use an outline. Yep, it’s true. But don’t tell anyone! J


Looking back, what was your favorite subject(s) in school?

English was my favorite subject (surprise, surprise) after recess, of course! I liked pretty much all of the subjects in school, with the exception of anything related to math. Math and I have never gotten along!

Tell us something funny about yourself that would surprise readers.

Hmmm. That’s a great question…I met my husband through a prank phone call I made when we were both teenagers. J I wrote a humorous post about it here: http://pennyzeller.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/do-you-have-any-grey-poupon-and-phone-pranks-part-2/

What’s up next for your readers?

I am currently working on a series that takes place after the Civil War. I’ve completed the first draft of the first book and am currently writing the second.

Where can readers find you on the web?

I love to connect with my readers at my website www.pennyzeller.com,

my blog www.pennyzeller.wordpress.com,

on Twitter at http://twitter.com/pennyzeller, and

on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Penny-A-Zeller/96391560959?ref=ts where I post updates about new books, giveaways, events, and Just-for-Fun Fridays.

Thank you Penny, for sharing your book today on my blog! I hope your book does well.

If you’d like to purchase Hailee, click the picture above or click here.






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