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Simple Faith eBook version for Free!

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Sep• 02•11

Simple Faith – ebook versions available as a *free* download!

How every person can experience intimacy with God

by Eddie Snipes
Did you know that God sings over you? Or that it’s our Heavenly Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom? Or that when you fall, the Lord doesn’t condemn you, but upholds you with His hand and carries you as a father does his child? Scripture teaches that God sees the end from the beginning. Therefore, God isn’t angry when you struggle or fall, but He sees you as you will be when you stand before Him in perfection.

Christianity and faith are not complicated sets of rules or theological ideas. Faith is intended to be simple. In fact, we are told not to depart from the simplicity of the gospel. You were meant to understand the Bible and the way of faith

Faith is not intended to be driven by guilt, but by joy. The Christian walk is so much more than waiting for heaven. It’s a pilgrimage – a journey with Christ where our lives are shaped into something precious. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the abundant life.

Do you know what it means to walk in the Spirit? Experience peace and intimacy with God? What about finding confidence and certainty in life? There is no greater confidence than fully believing that God has prepared the steps of your life before you take them, and knowing that if God is for you, nothing can prevent you from experiencing His purpose. The Bible gives the answers, and the goal of this book is to present these truths in plain English and simple terms. Everyone can grow into spiritual maturity. I pray this book is a tool to help you in that journey!

The ebook version is now a free download from this site and is available in the following formats:

————- Note: due to the publisher agreements associated with a free promo, these books will not be free for the next 90 days. After this time I’ll reactivate the free links. —————

mobi – Kindle

ePub – Kobo, Nook, Apple eBooks

pdf – Adobe Reader

If you need the book delivered wirelessly, the ebook version through Amazon is .99 centsClick here

Paperback edition is 9.99 – Click here
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  1. Therese says:

    thank you for the heads up on your book. Downloaded.

  2. Eddie Snipes says:

    Thanks for stopping by and downloading the book!

  3. Jay Fabin says:

    Just finished the book “I Called Him Dancer” on my Kindle. It’s one of the best I have ever read. Well done and thanks.

    • Eddie Snipes says:

      Thanks, Jay. I’m grateful the book was a benefit to you. If you get a chance, maybe you could rate it on Amazon. Thanks again for the encouraging feedback.

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