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Morning Reflection – The Light to our path

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Oct• 28•11

Psalms 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

So much is said in this short verse. As Christians, we often wrestle with life and struggle to discern what is the right thing to do and the right way to go. Often times I’ve looked at a decision made and wonder if it was the right thing to do. Sometimes I feel certain I’ve made the wrong decision. Yet, when I look back on life, those bad decisions turn out for good.

Romans tells me that if I’m walking according to God’s purpose, all things work for my good. Ephesians tells me that God prepared the path beforehand that I should walk in it. Psalm 139 says that my life and days were fashioned for me before I was born. Putting it all together paints a beautiful picture of God’s plan. He has already made the way, prepared the work, and fashioned my life. I only need to walk where the Lord is leading. Even if I make mistakes, I have the promise that though I fall, I won’t be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholds me with His hand.

The heart that truly seeks God’s ways will not go astray. The Lord shields us so that our mistakes work for our good, or they are prevented from being carried out. Indeed there are consequences to sin, but the heart that is seeking God isn’t pursuing sin, but pursuing the will of the Lord. A strong part of that pursuing is to seek Him in the word. Through the word we discover truth that lights our way. There are times when we see the ‘big picture’, but most of the time we are only shown the next step.

The lamp of God’s word reveals the Lord’s ways and the paths of righteousness. Through these things, the Lord shines light on the next step, but not necessarily where that step will lead. The lamp is to my feet and it reveals the pathway of righteousness. Many times I am only to concern myself with the step in front of me. It may be a step of faith, not knowing what God is about to do. “Take no thought about tomorrow,” Jesus once told the people. Step out in faith today and leave it in God’s hands to take care of what comes next.

When the Children of Israel began to cross the river of Jordan, they were stepping into the waters. At that season, the river was swollen and there was no way they could cross it as a nation. Yet the Lord called them to do that very thing. When they stepped out, the water receded. The river dried up and they walked across on the land. After crossing, the waters returned. It was a test of faith. God already knew what He would do. Somewhere up stream, God may have prepared a landslide, or by some other method. He can choose to use any process. But the people didn’t know God had prepared the way beforehand. They had to step out in faith before they could see the hand of God.

God has already prepared your way. Even in impossible situations, God has prepared something or someone to open the way. But that only comes to those who step out in obedience by faith. His word promises that the way is prepared – this is my light. I see the step of faith and hear the call of God. When I step out, the Lord will sustain me. The Lord may dry up the current that threatens me, or He may carry me through the current. One thing is certain, the word lights the way, and I either trust enough to obey, or I turn back and miss seeing the word of the Lord.

My prayer is that you believe God and go where He is leading – even if the way isn’t clear.

Eddie Snipes

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