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Author Spotlight–Michelle Sutton

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Nov• 18•11

Bio: Michelle Sutton is the author of over a dozen inspirational novels. She lives in Arizona with her husband of over twenty-one years and her two college age sons.

Thanks for joining the blog today. Let’s get to some questions.

MichelleSutton1. I have heard that you enjoy reading a lot and writing book reviews. What’s your favorite genre to review?

I have a variety of interests and will read just about anything. When it comes to writing reviews I prefer to read historical romances. Overall, my favorite genre always has been and probably always will be historical fiction. There is just something exciting about reading stories set in a different time period.

2. Why don’t you write historical fiction yourself?

It requires too much research and patience to develop a plot and adhere to the time period you are writing in. I simply don’t have the time to do all of the research required. I don’t want to be picked apart by historical fiction buffs who love to bust authors for their historical inaccuracies.

3. When it comes to writing, do you prefer writing in the male point of view, or the female point of view the most?

I love writing the male point of view. I enjoy torturing my guy characters when it comes to love. For me, there is nothing more romantic that restrained passion and deep devotion. My favorite part about writing a romance is showing how passion can turn into devotion as a relationship develops over time.

4. What motivates you to write Christian fiction? Some authors find it easier to succeed in a secular market.

Of course it would be easier to write for the secular market if my desire was to merely entertain people and write a sizzling romance. But that isn’t why I write. I write to touch hearts. I can’t help seeing things from a Christian worldview and incorporating those elements into my story. Jesus is a big part of my life and who I am, so I can’t just turn off my conscience and write a story for worldly pleasures alone. There has to be a faith element and spiritual thread in the story or I have no desire to write it.

5. Do you write every day?

Not at all. They recommend you write daily, but if I made myself write when the muse wasn’t present I have no doubt that the stuff I’d write would lack passion and creativity. I wait for the muse to hit. It comes over me about once a week. Since I work full time, I don’t have the luxury of writing every day and living in a fantasy land in my mind, though it would be fun. I live in reality, so I have to remember that daily, or I’d be a lousy employee.

6. If you could slip into one of your novels and be one of the characters, who would you choose to be?

That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say I’d love to be Stephanie Miller from In Sheep’s Clothing (Sept 2011 – Desert Breeze Publishing) because she has her own online business and can work out of her home full time and live anywhere she wants as long as she has internet access. She also has an attractive boyfriend who is a strong Christian and good with his money. He has saved for years to buy a home for the woman he plans to marry someday. He is also keeping himself pure for his future wife. Since that woman is Stephanie, I’d like to be in her fictional shoes. She’s probably the most normal female character that I have in all of my books. Her biggest issue is that she tends to be too trusting of people, with her secondary issue being a bird phobia. That’s not bad compared to some of my other heroines.

7. If you were single and could marry any hero in any of your books, which hero would you choose?

I’d have to say Chet Jacobsen from Tombstone Treasures, book 1: First Response (June 2011 – Desert Breeze Publishing) because he’s a creative, passionate guy and he loves the heroine with everything in him, but he is a bit insecure and shy about it. He’s also a closet romance writer who comes up with some pretty great plots. I think we’d make a great team if we wrote a book together. Too bad he’s just a pretend person. He was a bit of a creep in the first book in the series, but when Jesus touches a heart, miraculous changes happen over time. But even though his life was transformed, he still has struggles like any other man. He’s not prideful or arrogant, however, because he knows who redeemed his life. I love that when a man acknowledges that but for the grace of God they could be in anyone’s shoes.

About the book In Sheep’s Clothing...

InSheepsClothingCoverArt72dpiWhen entrepreneur Stephanie Miller meets successful accountant Jacob Wells, sparks fly, but at least they’re the good kind. Their initial attraction to each other is evident, and their business skills compliment each other. Unfortunately they’ve both had bad luck with love in the past, but this time God is part of their relationship. So what could go wrong with a match made in heaven? For one, Stephanie launches a business with a new friend without telling Jacob about it. Oh, and that friend just happens to be someone Jacob used to date; someone who wants to break them up for her own nefarious reasons. Will Stephanie listen to her new best friend, or will she listen to her heart?

You can purchase In Sheep’s Clothing here.

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  1. Interesting. Hummm. Can’t comment on In Sheep’s Clothing, haven’t read it. I’ve always heard you should read in the genre you write, but I know you write in different ones. My favortie is not historical fiction, not even to read, but Nike’s Burning Hearts was one historical fiction romance I did enjoy because it was bogged down. My favorite genre is romantic suspense, but I also love women’s fiction. Karen Kingsbury and Brandillyn Collins are authors I enjoy. A novel I consider women’s fiction is ALL SHE EVER WANTED by Lynn Austin. I read this book about three summers ago, and I’ll never forget it. Out of the many books I’ve read, this one has stuck in my mind. Also Chris Fabry’s DOGWOOD. I love books with multiple viewpoints, too, that go deep. I’ve enjoyed many novels by Michelle Sutton as well. I used to read a lot of Danielle Steel and V. C. Andrews until I read other authors I enjoyed more. After reading ALL SHE EVER WANTED, I’d never turn down a Lynn Austin novel. That woman can write. Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. It’s be hard for me to pick a favorite from Michelle’s but I did love her Danger at the Door and its sequel. Those are the two novels that caused me to read more of hers. Blessings, BJ Robinson

    • Eddie Snipes says:

      Actually, I disagree with the misconception that authors should only read in genres they write. I think this is one reason some authors begin sounding alike. I try to read from every genre – except those I think are trash. I won’t read sleazy works, but I read from every type of genre. Something can be gleaned and ideas spawned by stepping out of the comfort zone and into other areas.

      I’ve been surprised by great stories in genres I don’t really consider as part of my forte. Great storytelling is not bound by genre, and every author should broaden their horizons.

    • Thanks for commenting, BJ. I read in all genres. I have my favorites, but sometimes I love a fantasy book and I typically dislike fantasy. That’s why I try everything, because I don’t want to miss out on a great story. But I tend to love historical romance best. I almost always dislike horror and sci fi. Other than that its an experiment to see if I connect with the author and story. I like Lynn Austin and Karen Kingsbury, too.

  2. I meant Nike’s Burning Hearts wasn’t bogged down. Sorry about that.

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