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Author Spotlight-Precarious Yates

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Dec• 02•11

Today’s author spotlight is Precarious Yates, author of The Elite of the Weak.


Book_Project6_SMALL1.      What is The Elite of the Weak about?

The Elite of the Weak is set in the near future, when Babylon is rebuilt over the ancient ruins, odd political alliances are forged and strong earthquakes occur in strange places.


Trained to do covert missions from a young age, Hadassah enjoys few things more than thrills, whether it’s jumping out of an airplane, a high speed chase after a Somali pirate or crawling through the air ducts in a mafia-owned warehouse. But nothing is more thrilling than rescuing kids from human trafficking. The only thing is, she might do better on a team than on her own.


Enter Revelation Special Ops and their unique short-term mission trips. This elite group of people, R.S.O., is trained to rescue kids from the darkest forms of human trafficking. And they may be willing to take seventeen year old Hadassah on board.


2.      What was your favorite part about writing this book?

I loved writing the action scenes. Since there are a ton of them in this suspense/thriller, I had so much fun writing this book.

What made you want to write about the issue of human trafficking?

Eleven years ago I worked with a friend of my dad who was putting together a film about the issue of human trafficking in Eastern Europe. After the fall of the Soviet Bloc, girls were promised jobs as actresses, waitresses or dancers in more prosperous countries. Once they crossed the boarders, the girls were thrown into brothels and their passports were confiscated. I was horrified when I learned about this, and from that summer on I set my heart to become an abolitionist.


After this, every time I tried to write creatively the issue of human trafficking sprang onto the page. My heart was too broken about this to ignore it. So I decided to plot and plan a novel that came from this place in my heart.

You wrote this book for the YA audience. Is it important for American teens to learn about this issue?

Absolutely. Every day there are stories about American teens rescued from forced prostitution. The average age of the kids is 13. It happens more often than anyone would like to know. Many teens are facing this subject, either directly or through friends. Looking back on my teen years, I realized I faced this with friends on a number of occasions. Kids need to learn the factors that contribute to the problem. They need tools to help them talk to their friends or avoid harmful situations. But most of all, they need hope that there are solutions to this problem and they can be a vital part of those solutions.

Tell me about the Revelation Special Ops series.

The idea for Revelation Special Ops was borne from years of studying the book of Revelation. I wanted to inspire myself as well as others: if we’re on the earth during the greatest time of persecution and tribulation, what will our responses be? Will we hide under the rocks? Or will we rise up to protect the widows, the orphans, the foreigners, the poor, and the poorest of the poor—the slaves?


Revelation Special Ops is about partnering with Jesus, the King of Kings, to bring the Kingdom of God to the darkest places on earth during the darkest time in history.

How can we learn more about human trafficking and responses from organizations?

On my website, www.precariousyates.com, and on my blog page, precariousyates.wordpress.com, there are links pages to various organizations that work to free people from human trafficking. International Justice Mission, Love146 and Exodus Cry are three places where I know people personally who are working daily to fight for those caught in modern slavery.

What non-writing interests do you have?

I love to read, to pray, to run around with my kid and my dog, to garden, to take care of chickens, and to cook. I love cooking ethnic foods, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, West African, and especially Italian.

Where can we find you?

Here are a few places:





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  1. Through several organizations and books, I’m becoming more aware of this horrible injustice. Thank you for bringing a warning and a cry to the teen market.

  2. Thank you, Eddie, for hosting me today. And thank you, Vonda, for being willing to learn about this issue. The UN declared today as the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, so I’m pleased and honored to release my book on this day.

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