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Saving Your Manuscript for Publication (Typesetting your manuscript – article 6)

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Mar• 20•12

Most presses require a manuscript to be in PDF format. Most Word versions can export a document to PDF. The most important thing is to embed your fonts into the word document. For normal documents, don’t embed fonts since this will bloat your file size, but for the file you’ll be uploading, the font should always be embedded.

If the font isn’t found on the printer’s system, it will substitute a compatible font. This takes away your control of the look and feel of your book. A slightly different font can dramatically change your layout, leaving sloppy formatting or changing your page numbers.

Embedding fonts takes a few steps. First go to File, Options, and click Save.

At the bottom of the window, click on Embed Fonts in the file. See below:


At this point, it’s a good idea to save the document. I like to identify the document by using a filename like MyBookTitle-embedded.doc. This way if changes need to be made, the fonts won’t be inadvertently left out in the next revision.

The next step is to save the document as a PDF file. This will create another separate file. Click on File, Save As, click the dropdown arrow beside Save as Type:. Choose PDF.


Before saving, make sure you have the radio button selected beside Standard, and then click Options.

From the options window, check the box beside ‘ISO 19005-1 compliant. See below:


Click okay and save the pdf file.

Important Note: If you have a pdf plugin set up as a printer, don’t print to PDF. Doing so will not embed the fonts into the document.

Once you save, your document is complete and ready to be uploaded to the press you are using. This process will work with CreateSpace, Lulu, Lightning Source, and many other popular presses. Verify with your printer service to see if other special requirements are necessary for their systems.

Saving for the Kindle

If you are planning to publish directly to amazon through kdp.amazon.com, you are already prepared to complete your kindle document. KDP requests documents be saved in an html format.

Go back to your embedded Word document. Click on Save As, click the dropdown arrow, and choose ‘Web Page, Filtered’. See below:


This option creates a subfolder for images and attachments, so I recommend saving this document to its own folder.

There are other ways to prepare a document for uploading to Kindle, but this is by far the easiest. It compiles everything into a single page. Word will create a subfolder with the same name as your document. Any images will be stored in this folder. If you plan to upload to Amazon’s KDP, create a compressed file (zip file) with your book name htm file and the folder. If you’re a windows user, simply highlight both the folder and the document file, right-click, move your cursor over ‘Send to…’, and choose ‘Compressed File’. Now all that is left is uploading to the kdp direct publishing site. Point to this file for the upload and the site will pull any attachments or pictures.

Congratulations! When you finish these steps, your manuscripts are fully publishable and ready for printing

Authors pay hundreds of dollars or more to get their manuscripts typeset. Researching these things took a lot of work and I’ve made them available to you for no cost. If you want to show a small token of thanks, purchase one of my books on Amazon. The ebook versions are only .99 cents.

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