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I Called Him Dancer–Free offer ends at midnight tonight.

Written By: Eddie Snipes - Apr• 23•12

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I Called Him Dancer is about a boy growing up in a broken home. His fragile world is shattered when his mother leaves him with a relative and walks out of his life. After seeing a man dancing with grace and acrobatics, he decides to imitate the man and discovers a natural talent for dance. His life’s passion becomes dance and eventually the young man achieves his dream of Broadway. A drug addiction and his inner demons destroy his life and he eventually becomes homeless. His previous dance partner refuses to let go and reaches out to him, but he rejects her. Bitter at God and the world, the dancer embraces a solitary life on the streets. Though he lashes out at God, the Lord has other plans for the fallen dancer.

You can purchase ‘Dancer’, the song that inspired this book by visiting the MP3 store. Search for Tralena Walker or Dancer.

*** See what readers are saying ***

This was a very moving story, a story of the redemption of God. It was extremely well written. I have recommended it to all my friends. I was very teary at times reading it.  – J. Teague

"I Called Him Dancer" is a page turner that will be hard for you to leave! Eddie has captured the heart and soul of his characters, and has given insight into many controversial topics, such as homelessness, drug addiction, and the power of God in our lives!

Eddie has a unique gift of being able to weave his characters into each other’s lives, without the reader getting lost, or being able to see what the end result will reveal!

This book ended up not only being a great love story, but one of hope and encouragement to help each reader face their own circumstances and know they can win too!

Thanks Eddie for sharing Dancer with us, and I agree this should be a movie! I can even imagine who could play your characters too! Hope you are working on that now!

Look forward Eddie to future works of your art; and I can see how this could be a series too! – S. Falcone

This book is a page turner from cover to cover, Eddie makes you feel like you actually know the characters in his book. – B. Tillman, OR.

Almost too good to put into words. …you’ll find yourself saying, "Just one more chapter". K. McNabney, IL

This book is a must read. Through this book the reader will learn about true love and the power it holds.  T. Franklin, TX

I loved this book from cover to cover, the author makes you feel like you actually 
know the characters in his book. T. Webster

About the Author

G. Edward Snipes is a freelance writer, president of the Christian Authors Guild, and founder of Exchanged Life Ministries. He has had four award winning short stories, and regularly has articles published on several online ministries. Visit his ministry site at exchangedlife.com or his personal blog at eddiesnipes.com.

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