Living just east of Crazy

Those Blasted Drill Sergeants

One thing I quickly learned in basic training is that drill sergeants aren’t the most friendly bunch. They yelled at us to get up. They yelled at us for being too slow. Being too fast. Looking at them. Not looking at them. Eating too slow. Not swinging our arms correctly. These moody guys were nit-picky […]

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Home on the Range

While we are on the subject of Basic Training, I’ll share one of the more interesting training events. Not that being gassed wasn’t interesting.   One of the main focuses of basic training was learning to use the rifle. Never, under any circumstances were you to call your weapon a gun. Weapon – okay. Rifle […]

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The March of Tears

The highlight of basic training was the dreaded twenty-mile road march. We would leave the barracks as trainees, but would return as soldiers. For six weeks we heard about the dreaded march of tears. Only the best could survive, we were told. Of course I knew this was just hype. By the end of basic […]

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Ah – stop and smell the gases

From the moment we entered basic training, we began hearing about the dreaded CS gas chamber. Everyone had a theory about what it entailed, and I soon came up with my own theory. As I mentioned earlier, my theories about military life were always wrong. I neglected an important truth when formulating my theories. In […]

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Basic Training – My Recruiter Lied

My eyes exploded open from a deep sleep at the sound of a metal garbage can lid slamming into the floor. The loud crash was followed by a drill sergeant screaming, “Why are you all still in bed? You should be in formation. You have three minutes to get dressed, shaved, and in formation.” The […]

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