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John 3:16 Network Blog Tour – Ashley Dawn

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Ashley Dawn. She will be talking about her newly released book, Shadows of Suspense. When did you realize you wanted to become a writer? Honestly, I’m not sure there was ever an ‘ah ha’ moment when I decided.  I started writing young.  I would write songs, poems, and […]

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John 3:16 Network Blog Tour – Amanda Stephan

FUN Interview Questions: 1. Many writers will say they see stories all around them. Is there any place unusual you’ve found a story? I was cooking dinner one evening, and a title for a book just kind of hit me. I ran to the computer to type out the name, and ended up with an […]

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John 3:16 Network Blog Tour – Lisa Lickel

How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing professionally since 2003 when I began selling my work to my national church magazine. Later on I wrote a regular column for our local newspaper and feature articles. I continued to sell some articles, then began focusing on novels. I signed with an agent and sold […]

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Tessa Stockton – author of The Unforgivable

Today I have the privilege to interview Tessa Stockton, author of The Unforgivable. Her book was published in March of this year, and she’s going to share a little about the process of writing and publishing. What was the inspiration for your book, The Unforgivable? Working with human right groups long ago, I had an […]

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Selfish Ambitions and Writing – How do I know my motives are right?

How do I know I’m not writing from Selfish Ambition? This is a topic that comes up in many forms, and it recently came in as a question on my website. Is it wrong for Christians to write with selfish ambition or motives? This is a very good question and is something many Christians struggle […]

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