Living just east of Crazy

Humpty the Rock Star

My parents weren’t fans of cheaply made Halloween costumes. I’d look at the pictures of Superman and beg to buy one of these costumes so I could look like that on Halloween. Instead, Mom would decorate me with varying household objects. One year I was to be Humpty Dumpty. Mom pulled out a pair of […]

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Christmas with Pappy

Two things were certain when I visited my Grandfather, Pappy. He would tell me corny, over used jokes, and if there was anyone visiting, he’d squeeze my shoulder and say, “This is my grandson. I learned him how to fish.” He would then launch into a story about how we caught thirty-five fish the last […]

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Getting stuck with Dad (Fishing on the Yellow River Part 3)

One day my dad took me fishing on the Yellow River. The spot he picked was far down the river, so we drove there in his old red Ford truck. We bounced along a rutted dirt road until we came to a steep hill. The road near the river was red clay. We eased down […]

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Oh, Great Moccasin (Fishing on the Yellow River Part 2)

Torrey, my friend who lived next door to my grandparents was a great fishing partner. When I’d spend a week at my grandparents, we’d fish constantly. The fish didn’t bite well in the summer heat, but after sundown, they became very active. After supper, we’d head down to the river with a lantern and our […]

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The Old Man and His ‘Special Bait’ (Fishing on the Yellow River Part 1)

My grandparent’s house in Porterdale, GA was walking distance from the Yellow River. This river was a fishing paradise for a young boy. It’s where my grandfather, Pappy, taught me how to fish. His famous line was, “Come on, Eddie. I’m gonna learn you how to fish.” Regardless of weather, there was always a good […]

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