Living just east of Crazy

I have a way with animals

I first discovered my unique talent with animals at the age of six. While waiting for my pal, I played under an old oak tree. Out of the blue, someone pelted my head with an acorn. I looked around, but saw no one. Just as I resumed playing, another one bounced off my bean. A […]

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No Toy Left Behind

Years ago, my wife was going through her old belongings. She reminisced about childhood memories as she showed her dolls, figurines, toy horses, and many other tokens of her youth. “What kind of things do you have from your childhood?” she asked. I thought about a plastic horse that came in a pack of 100 […]

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Gonna learn you how to fish.

My grandfather, whom we called Pappy, always said, “When you come down, I’m gonna learn you how to fish.” He said this as soon as I could understand the language, and probably before that. One of the first birthday presents I remember getting was a fishing rod and reel from Pappy. “You see that reel,” […]

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The Green Pea Man

I didn’t always think things through when I was a child. You might find that hard to believe, considering all the wise choices I’ve told you about on my blog. Third grade was a special time of my life. I blossomed into a model student. When the school bell rang, that special place in my […]

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My name is Ed, and I’m Special

After finishing my eighth-grade stint in private school, I returned to public school at the beginning of my freshman year. When transferring back to public school, the school system made an issue about my ‘substandard’ private school education. Even though I was only out of their clutches for one year, they explained that I would […]

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