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Selfish Ambitions and Writing – How do I know my motives are right?

How do I know I’m not writing from Selfish Ambition? This is a topic that comes up in many forms, and it recently came in as a question on my website. Is it wrong for Christians to write with selfish ambition or motives? This is a very good question and is something many Christians struggle […]

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Author Spotlight – K. Dawn Byrd

I understand you are having a new book coming out. Tell me a little about your book. When I went to work as a counselor in a jail, I began to wonder what would happen if a strong Christian woman was wrongly accused and incarcerated? Would she turn her back on God? Would she crack […]

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What if a publisher demands to ‘sexy up’ my manuscript?

An editor of a major publishing house liked my writer friend’s story and said he would contract it if she would make the story more ‘sexy’. I communicate with many writers, and often I’ll see someone post that he / she is sexying up his novel to meet the publisher’s standard. It’s a common demand to add sex scenes […]

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Book Review – Invisible by Lorena McCourtney

When I read Invisible, I wasn’t sure this was the type of book for me. Although I enjoy reading a wide range of genres, a book about a little old lady snooping around and trying to solve a crime didn’t sound overly exciting. But this book pleasantly surprised me. The premise of the book is […]

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Author Inteview – Erin Rainwater

How long have you been writing? A girlfriend and I began co-authoring a book about twin girls and their horses when we were in grade school. We never finished it, and I have no idea what happened to it, although I’m pretty sure it ended up in the landfill. My next writing effort didn’t come […]

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