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The Top Page – Author Staci Stallings shares her life and her book.

As a dyslexic writer, I appreciate the challenges of a parent with a dyslexic child. Staci’s son struggles with dyslexia, but it sounds like he’s also very gifted with a powerful memory. Read her interesting story. Also check out her free book in ebook version today and tomorrow only. The Top Page My son is […]

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Parenting a child with a reading disability – Part 2

Reading disability – continued from Part 1 Addressing the reading disability – a big task True to my nature to learn everything I can about a problem I’m facing, I ordered books on dyslexia and devoured them.  We got the first part of the Barton Solution program and started work.  There was an almost immediate […]

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Parenting a child with a reading disability – Part 1

Today I have a special post from a parent of a child with dyslexia. It’s a three part post. If you have a child who is struggling to read, this is a blog series you want to read. Staci explains the struggles and frustrations their family went through as they tried to tutor their child […]

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Succeeding through dyslexia and other reading disabilities

Thirteen-hundred words to encourage those with dyslexia and reading disabilities. I wasn’t a smart kid. I wasn’t dumb either, but my dyslexia and the system I found myself in certainly made me feel that way. Reading was a challenge for me. Before I share my story, let me tell a little about myself today. As […]

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