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Beta readers – a goldmine of valuable feedback

In a previous article we talked about strategies, advantages, and pitfalls in critiquing. We all need the eyes of others to look over our work, but once the critiquing process is complete, the manuscript isn’t yet ready. It is my opinion that every manuscript should be read by non-writers. We as writers have a different […]

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Adverbs – Halt! Friend or foe?

Adverbs are good when used with discretion. Just have another writer critique your work and the first thing that will be brought before the verbal firing squad is adverbs. Adverbs are looked upon as the enemy, but are they all bad? Halt for a moment and put them to the test. Even for experienced writers, […]

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Getting the Most out of Critiques

Critiques with purpose Peer critiques are a valuable tool in polishing up your writing, but it has to be done correctly to be effective. Writing is a lonely business, but publishing is a social world. You cannot go at it alone. Even the best writer can’t critique his/her way to perfection. You may know what […]

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Story Structure – should writers go as the crow flies, or hop down the bunny trail?

Story structure in your manuscript. When it comes to the story structure of a novel, the journey is just as important as the destination. Stop for a moment and think about plots of successful books. For example, what is the plot of A Christmas Carol? It’s about a greedy old miser who loves nothing but […]

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The emotional stages of writing a novel–Video.

Now you know what I probably looked like while writing. Related posts: The beginning of my writing journey Texting Woman falls into fountain Funny Writing Mistakes For all you cat lovers – cute video

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