Living just east of Crazy

Free Book – Help I Think I’ve Committed the Unpardonable Sin

Through Saturday, 3/4/17, this book is free on the Kindle. Do you know someone who is struggling with the fear of condemnation? Condemnation is the evidence that we don’t understand the love of God. The Bible assures our hope in Christ, but this is undermined by the misunderstanding of scriptures that have been used to […]

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Mom and the Spider Monkey

Zach was one of my childhood neighbors I often played with. His uncle had a spider monkey, and his parents babysat it while the uncle was out of town. It stood no more than knee high. The little critter mostly kept to himself. We played by ourselves while he played by himself. For the most […]

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Author Spotlight, Edie Melson

Today’s special guest is Edie Melson. I first met Edie at the Blue Ridge Mountain Writer’s Conference, and she has also spoken at the Christian Authors Guild. She has a heart for mentoring and loves to teach writers. Edie’s Bio: Having a son at war was not something Edie Melson ever thought she’d have to […]

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Writing Without Fear

We all feel that twinge of apprehension when we think about presenting our writing to others. Is my writing good enough? Who am I to tell you what to think or do? Will others think my work is stupid? Writing is a private venture. We are safe and protected while we express our thoughts and […]

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