Living just east of Crazy

My name is Ed, and I’m Special

After finishing my eighth-grade stint in private school, I returned to public school at the beginning of my freshman year. When transferring back to public school, the school system made an issue about my ‘substandard’ private school education. Even though I was only out of their clutches for one year, they explained that I would […]

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Calling Number 28

My friend Tim played on McEachern’s football team. His number was 28. I just happened to have a jersey with number 28. My grandmother bought several football jerseys at a clearance sale. They were various colors and numbers. Each Friday during the football season, I’d wear number 28 to show support for my friend. It […]

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The beginning of my writing journey

Life is filled with irony. How does a ‘C’ student, who avoided writing at all cost, grow into a love for writing? Ah, the mysteries of life. Looking back to my high school days, I now recognize glimpses of my hidden writer trying to emerge. It sneaks out in strange ways. Sitting in creative writing […]

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