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Christmas Puzzle. Figure out the Christmas song?

Below are the letters representing the first lines of a Christmas song. Can you figure the song out based on these letters? Most are carols, but a few were popular songs. I’ll post the answers on Christmas morning 1. HYAMLC 2. TFNTADS 3. GRYMGLNYD  4. ICUAMC  5. SNHNAICAIB 6. OTFDOCMTLGTM 7. DTHWBOHFLLLLLLLL 8. YBWOYBNC   9. […]

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It’s a Secret – Fond Christmas Memories

It’s that time of year – when my younger children begin fidgeting with anticipation and getting excited about the holiday season. I remember the joys of Christmas as a young boy, but the magic of Christmas seemed to fade as I reached adulthood. But now the excitement returns each time the sparkle in my kids’ […]

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Death of a Christmas Tradition

It’s that time of year again, and people ask about this fictional story. So now I guess it’s tradition. Gather your little ones around the fireplace, sip hot cocoa and let’s laugh about how Santa met his jolly demise! —- I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy day when I walked into the […]

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