Living just east of Crazy

Humpty the Rock Star

My parents weren’t fans of cheaply made Halloween costumes. I’d look at the pictures of Superman and beg to buy one of these costumes so I could look like that on Halloween. Instead, Mom would decorate me with varying household objects. One year I was to be Humpty Dumpty. Mom pulled out a pair of […]

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Honk if you love Sunrise Services

I’ve shared this before, but now it’s an Easter tradition. Enjoy the joy of childhood memories! It was Easter morning. My mother flicked on the light in my room and shook me awake. I tried to bully the sleep from my eyes with my fists, but when I saw the dark purple sky outside,I pulled […]

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A Mom’s Meltdown

One advantage writers have is that every situation is viewed through the eyes of our internal writer. Frustrations, heartaches, joys, and all other events of daily life find their places on our ‘to write’ list. The truth is, smooth sailing doesn’t make for good reading. So when someone tells me a frustrating story, internally I’m […]

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