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Saving Your Manuscript for Publication (Typesetting your manuscript – article 6)

Most presses require a manuscript to be in PDF format. Most Word versions can export a document to PDF. The most important thing is to embed your fonts into the word document. For normal documents, don’t embed fonts since this will bloat your file size, but for the file you’ll be uploading, the font should […]

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Building a Table of Contents (Typesetting your manuscript – article 4)

Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, it needs a table of contents. Aside from the fact that readers need it to locate the chapter they want, a book with a table of contents looks more professional, and readers can browse the contents to get an idea of what to expect from your book. Word […]

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Typesetting a Manuscript for Printing (Article 1)

What is typesetting? Typesetting is to lay out the chapters, fonts, headings, and justifying the text so that it is readable and professional looking when printed as a book. Microsoft Word can be frustrating. I know. That’s stating the obvious, but how much more true this is when formatting headers and footers. I decided to […]

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Search and Replace – a useful editing tool

There are times when a large document, such as a manuscript, needs a massive search and replace. For example, if you’re editing a manuscript and the author has used two spaces after a period instead of the industry standard of one, how do you fix the issue? Or if you need to remove something with […]

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Beta readers – a goldmine of valuable feedback

In a previous article we talked about strategies, advantages, and pitfalls in critiquing. We all need the eyes of others to look over our work, but once the critiquing process is complete, the manuscript isn’t yet ready. It is my opinion that every manuscript should be read by non-writers. We as writers have a different […]

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