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Enjoy The Writer’s Journey

If you write it, they will come. It’s the ideology of most new writers. Deep down we all have this unrealistic hope. We’ve put the time, effort, and our heart into a manuscript and believe it’s something of value. The truth is that Stephen King can throw out a poorly written novel and it will […]

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Tessa Stockton – author of The Unforgivable

Today I have the privilege to interview Tessa Stockton, author of The Unforgivable. Her book was published in March of this year, and she’s going to share a little about the process of writing and publishing. What was the inspiration for your book, The Unforgivable? Working with human right groups long ago, I had an […]

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Selfish Ambitions and Writing – How do I know my motives are right?

How do I know I’m not writing from Selfish Ambition? This is a topic that comes up in many forms, and it recently came in as a question on my website. Is it wrong for Christians to write with selfish ambition or motives? This is a very good question and is something many Christians struggle […]

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